About Us

Boasting some of the highest polo grounds in the world and home to the indigenous Indo-Aryan Kalash Tribe, the valley of Chitral lies at the foot of the magnificent Hindu Kush mountain range in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Inhabited by a generous and tolerant people who embrace the simple life, marked by an innocent joy expressed in time honoured traditions of creative art, music and dance, the enchanting local culture has long compelled travellers and historians to visit this mountain haven over and over again.

Taking its name from the wild iris (kriz-maa) in the local language of Khowar, the KRIZMAH brand is a collaboration between graphic designers Zainab Ulmulk – hailing from the ancient Katur Dynasty of Chitral -- and Nadia Malik. By incorporating the rich traditional heritage of Chitral into contemporary silhouettes, KRIZMAH has empowered its women artisans to design and manufacture haute couture clutches, purses, and handbag, for distribution on an international scale. For becoming an instantaneous conversation piece, an accessory by KRIZMAH is vied for by trendsetters and followers alike.

The KRIZMAH product is completely hand-stitched, embodying the hopes and dreams of its particular artisan. Echoing the unique stories and aspirations of the hands that constructed it, each piece an absolute original. As KRIZMAH continues to flourish around the globe of fashion, its distribution will not only to give stage to the extraordinary talent of these women, but also enable them to provide a higher quality of life for their families, both now and in the future.