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Our inspiration for this piece

Captain of the Chitral polo team for the last three decades, and grandson of HH Sir Shuja Ulmulk 'Mehter' (ruler) of Chitral whose reign lasted 45 years. Each year when Sikander Ulmulk threatens to retire from polo the people beg him for one more year fearing that without him the team will lose the dominance it has enjoyed over arch rival Gilgit in recent years. "Polo renews the bond" The motif depicted on the bag is commonly found on most Chitrali Chogha's (traditional robe) worn by royalty and common folks alike. Here polo is not the game of kings. The local barber and shoemaker on horseback not only brushes shoulders with his prince but also throws him off his horse or cunningly hooks his mallet from the least expected angle.


Every summer a fierce battle is played out on the Shandur plateauwhere the Hindukush, Pamir and Karakoram ranges meet.Shandur was the traditional border between the two princely states of Chitral and Gilgit. In days gone by, when they would accuse each other of abducting livestock and womenfolk, Shandur would be the venue where the two local chieftains would meet to iron out differences in heated debates.
Today, each July, in front of thousands of spectators, the two ancient rivals play their hearts out in a furious game of traditional mountain Polo in the same spirit and with the same ferocity as their medieval forbears.